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Friday, September 16, 2016

Mark Zaskey's "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal"

As the founder of Crypto Reality I'm proud to say we now have undeniable footage of the Bigfoot species. It was shot here in Florida over the course of the last two years. In addition to that we have Found and documented over 1, 200 barefoot, human type tracks. We found these tracks in areas people will not go walking barefoot to begin with. It's a dangerous swamp, filled with venomous snakes, very large American alligator's and gigantic wild hogs. A great many of these tracks were outside the norm of human size.

The tracks all look similar in morphology, regardless of the size.
Different than a normal human, but in general "human-like" They do not resemble a NON-Human Primate track at all, and none of the tracks we've found have a "Divergent toe" like a chimp or gorilla. We also have DNA to be studied that comes from something that has human shaped fingers that are almost 2 inches thick. We think is the same one in the image below-as this still frame was shot 60 feet from the peanut butter jar that was still sitting there, lid off, almost empty showing the finger swipes in what remained at the bottom of the jar.
I wrench the lids on so tight I have trouble getting them off again myself. It has to be them. I think they've been unscrewing the lids which show no damage at all, using their giant human-like hands. Again-Neither the jars, nor the lids show any damage whatsoever from being chewed or clawed at-by any of the other critters that inhabit the area.
8-9 foot Male Florida Sasquatch from an episode of "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal"As you can see from the still frame above, taken directly off one of our films-this is indeed the case.
It's been a long, hard road. We never expected to succeed in documenting a single Bigfoot on film, let alone the dozens of clips we now have of several Bigfoot from two different states. It really is ridiculous at this point that science would even hope to deny that this is not worth looking into. We've done their jobs for them to a degree that has prompted several academics to contact us regarding what we've been showing in our films. In fact the Biologists that have contacted us privately have stated they have no trouble at all agreeing with our conclusions and have complimented us on how much data we have on the species. We now have a Dr. Of Anthropology on our team and are looking to forward our study with an official academic paper on our findings.
Looking back at what we've been through and what we've accomplished in our research and documentation of the Bigfoot species, it amazes me they didn't kill us at some point. What we've learned about the Bigfoot species is incredible. The group we've studied for over 18 months in the field has demonstrated a very clear desire to co-exist in their behavior. Their behavior, though opportunistic in it's nature, has clearly demonstrated they have "Emotional Intelligence" like human beings. The most obvious signs of the degree of intelligence they posses is the fact that when encroached on at rest, they choose to remain peaceful and in complete control of their emotions. It's so incredible to be that close to something that big, and that capable physically and walk away in one piece, time after time.
My Idea for "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal" show was born over 10 years ago when as an amateur researcher I realized that certain aspects of the Bigfoot subject were not being covered truthfully in the programming we see on television. Certainly the Bigfoot subject was not being taken seriously by most people. Over the years of my involvement in this subject I watched as many shows and documentaries were made on the subject that really only re-enforced more doubt as to what was out there running around. 
Bigfoot, Florida Bigfoot Sighting, Bigfoot Video.  Caught on Film In an episode of "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal

Clear Bigfoot Video from an episode of "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal"

"The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal" on is geared to promote truth in Bigfoot research. On our membership research support site "" we show Bigfoot from Florida, and North Carolina to the extent that cannot be denied. Two years ago I would have thought all this was impossible, even though I had already had my own Bigfoot sighting in 2013. I just didn't realize how many of these things are out there. If you take the time to review our films, even the short ones, you will have seen a real unclassified relic homonoid. In the 80 films on our membership research support site, you will see dozens of clips of Florida Bigfoot, this is not a claim-it's a basic truth of our documentation of the Bigfoot species in episodes of "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal."
There are no scientists or organizations any where on earth that can show you what we show you-clear research footage of the other "Human Primates" that live along side us out in the wilds of North America-Bigfoot.
We've proven that the Bigfoot species is real so many times in our films it's ridiculous.
If you're interested in our ongoing research films they are available for viewing on our research.
We have tons of it, it's all real, and really fascinating. All it takes is an objective review of what you see in our films and you'll agree-it's real.

We have a research support site called where you can make a $10.00 monthly contribution to support our unprecidented field research on the species and view all of our professional, high quality research films. As a member/contributor to our ongoing research you will be supporting the most intensive ongoing documentation of the Bigfoot species in history and the inevitable validation of the Bigfoot species through a campaign of public education and exposure of to truth of the existence of the Bigfoot species. This is really happening, this is all real, and yes you can go to the site, join and see everything I'm saying is true. All of what you will see has and is being accomplished by two regular average everyday people who simply will not take no for an answer and for whom the truth of the Bigfoot species existence, has become reality. Make a difference in how we understand our own world, help support real research into the Bigfoot species today and become a member of To see a short clip from one of our films showing the Bigfoot species click the link below to go to our site.